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Construction Process

The pool construction process consists of many steps. We pay attention to detail at every step to assure the highest quality.

Step 1 - Pool design - We meet with you and discuss your needs and create a pool wish list. After carefully listening to your input, we create an estimate and custom design for you.

Step 2 - Engineering - After approval of the pool design, we draw a build ready set of plans. These plans are then engineered to assure structural integrity of the pool structure. 

Step 3 - Permits - We pull the building permit with the local city building dept.

Step 4 - Excavation - The pool construction begins! We mark out your pool location and begin digging the area for your new pool. We haul away all dirt/debris daily. We do not leave dumpsters onsite!

Step 5 - Rebar - Rebar is what gives your pool shell its' strength. We install the rebar cage to exact engineering specifications.

Step 6 - Plumbing & Electrical - Underground plumbing and electrical is installed. Plumbing lines are tested to 35psi and kept under pressure until the end of construction.

Step 7 - Shotcrete - 4500 psi shotcrete is placed to shaoe your pool structure. We only use 4500 psi shotcrete . Many others will use 2500 psi, but we always strive for the highest quality.

Step 8 Finish materials - Your choice of coping, tile and pool finish is applied.  We start filling your pool soon after the pool finish is installed.

Jump in and swim! Your new backyard paradise is ready for use!

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